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Someone who has been traumatized may:

  • have difficulties concentrating
  • feel excessively afraid, anxious, vulnerable, ashamed, angry, or guilty
  • be overly-alert or hypervigilant
  • be easily startled
  • feel intense helplessness or horror 
  • experience disturbing and persistent thoughts, images, and/or perceptions
  • have frequent nightmares and disturbed sleep
  • relive “flashbacks”
  • display distress when “triggered”
  • avoid emotionally-charged thoughts, feelings, or discussions 
  • isolate themselves socially 
  • intentionally avoid activities, places, people, or objects that evoke memories
  • display significant disinterest and disengagement in work, school, or other normal life activities
  • use alcohol or substances to attempt to cope with symptoms

It takes time and safety to recover from some of the awful things that happen in our lives. Having a place to work through memories of difficult experiences with patience, sensitivity, understanding, and respect is crucial. 

Trauma therapy can help you to heal and manage the challenging thoughts and feelings that arise as a result of traumatic events. With the assistance of a trauma counsellor, you can:

  • improve social, occupational, and family functioning
  • stabilize moods and mental states
  • decrease distress, intrusive recollections, reminders, and disinterest
  • find peace and joy in life again



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