Marlise Meilan, Registered Psychotherapist

M.A. Psychology, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Canadian Certified Counsellor

Therapy for Adults in Downtown Ottawa



So much of what happens in our lives and to our bodies affects how we are as sexual beings. Sex psychotherapy can help when healing from sexual health conditions or dysfunction, dealing with sexual addiction, recovering after sexual assault, or suffering from difficulties becoming intimate or enjoying sexual contact within caring relationships. 

Sex therapy can help you:

  • increase capacity for intimacy in relationships
  • address emotions related to sexual concerns 
  • begin healing and resolve the effects from sexual trauma
  • increase relationship satisfaction and communication in general, and about sexual matters in particular
  • improve desire for and enjoyment of healthy, voluntary sexual activity

Marlise provides psychotherapy regarding sex and sexuality at her office in downtown Ottawa. Please note that there is no physical contact.

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