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To begin to balance the pain of your loss with pleasurable memories, I can help you work through the stages of grief and start uncovering and remembering the warm and special things about who or what you are grieving so you can hold onto those key memories. 

Experiences of unresolved grief or loss include:

  • thoughts dominated by loss coupled with poor concentration, tearful spells, and confusion about the future
  • serial losses in life (i.e., deaths, divorces, jobs) that led to depression and discouragement
  • strong emotional response exhibited when losses are discussed
  • lack of appetite, weight loss, and/or insomnia as well as other depression signs since the loss
  • feelings of guilt that not enough was done to prevent the loss, or an unreasonable belief of having contributed to the departure 
  • avoidance of talking about the loss  on a more-than-superficial level
  • lack of a support network due to physical or psychological changes

In order to move forward after a significant loss, a person needs to identify, clarify, and express feelings associated with the loss. Grief counselling can help resolve issues of conflict related to a lost relationship, loved one, career change, or sense of oneself. 

If you are in Ottawa and you need help beginning a healthy grieving process after suffering an important loss, I can assist you with:

  • developing an awareness of how conscious or unconscious grieving has affected your life
  • completing the healing process of letting go of the loss
  • resolving the loss and beginning renewing old relationships as well as initiating new contacts with others 

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