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Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of depression?

  • low energy or dark moods
  • loss of appetite
  • diminished interest in or enjoyment of activities
  • sleeplessness or sleeping much more than usual
  • poor concentration and indecisiveness
  • social withdrawal
  • suicidal thoughts
  • feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, or inappropriate guilt

People who are depressed often withdraw from participation in activities that they once found satisfying, rewarding, pleasurable, or just plain fun. I am an Ottawa depression counsellor helping people to break this cycle of withdrawal and to begin reinvesting in the activities of their lives, relationships, and the things they do well. 

The thoughts and interpretations you make about a situation have a very strong influence on the feelings that are generated. Through counselling, I can assist you in identifying the painful, pessimistic, and distorted thought patterns that trigger depressed feelings and that may lead to chronic states of depression.  

If you’re seeking counselling for depression in Ottawa, contact me to get assistance with:

  • alleviating depressed moods and returning to previous levels of effectiveness
  •  recognizing, accepting, and coping with feelings of depression
  • developing healthy cognitive patterns, interpersonal relationships, and beliefs about yourself and the world that lead to the alleviation of depressive symptoms and help prevent relapse

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