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M.A. Psychology, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Canadian Certified Counsellor

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Are you and/or your partner:

  •  repeatedly in broken or conflictual relationships due to personal difficulties in solving problems, maintaining a trusting relationship, or choosing abusive or dysfunctional partners?
  • frequently or continually arguing or lacking communication with your partner?
  • in a pattern of angrily projecting responsibility for the conflict onto one another?
  • thinking of separating or divorce?
  • communicating infrequently or superficially?
  • lacking intimacy?
  •  working or participating in activities that allow for avoidance of closeness?

A successful and healthy intimate relationship requires that each partner invest some of their time and energy into satisfying the needs and desires of their partner. When relationship needs are not being met satisfactorily, the relationship is in serious trouble and may break. However all needs cannot be met by your partner. Each must take some responsibility for satisfying needs apart from the relationship. I offer relationship and couples counselling that can help you identify and clarify your needs as well as the needs of your partner.

When conflicts dominate a relationship, an exaggerated focus gets placed on the negative aspects of the partner. Defenses keep people from evaluating their own contributions to the conflict and from noticing the positive things that their partner does to enhance the relationship. One can become overly focused on the negative aspects and primarily see the partner as the cause of the failure in the relationship. 

In relationship and couples counselling, I assist people in putting things in perspective by asking you to take an honest look at yourself as well as evaluating your partner’s contribution to the conflict. Additionally, I assist in attaining relationship balance by having you recognize the positive things that you and your partner are bringing to your relationship.

For relationship and couples counselling, call me to get assistance in:

  • developing the necessary skills for effective, open communication, mutually satisfying intimacy, and enjoyable time for companionship within the relationship
  •  increasing awareness of your own role in relationship conflicts
  • learning to identify escalating behaviors that lead to abuse
  • making relationship commitments
  • rebuilding a positive self-image after a sense of rejection associated with a broken relationship 
  • accepting and moving on from the end of a relationship

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