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Work takes up a big portion of our time in modern life. Deadlines, workplace relationships, job instability, role dissatisfaction, and countless other concerns arise that can cause us to feel anxious, depressed, or stressed out. Maybe you've experienced:

  • interpersonal conflict in the work setting
  • feelings of inadequacy or fear of failure
  • severe business losses
  • tension that increases with expectations for greater success
  • trouble with authority figures
  • being fired or laid off
  • mismatched responsibilities for your interests or training

Not everything can be changed by leaving a job or changing careers, although perhaps those are reasonable options for you. Every kind of work and workplace has it's own flavour of challenges, however counselling can help you to:

  • improve satisfaction and comfort in communicating with coworkers & supervisors
  • increase confidence and sense of competence in dealing with work responsibilities
  • learn to take supervision and cooperation with direction
  • boost self-esteem and mood despite difficulties
  • implement assertiveness and stress management strategies

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