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Do you find yourself:

  • unable to accept compliments?
  • making self-disparaging remarks?
  • seeing yourself as unattractive, worthless, a loser, a burden or unimportant?
  • taking blame all too easily?
  • lacking in pride in your appearance?
  • having difficulty in saying no to others?
  • assuming you are not being liked by others?
  • fearing rejection, especially your peer group?
  • lacking any goals for life and setting inappropriately low goals for yourself?
  • unable to identify positive things about yourself?
  • uncomfortable in social situations, especially larger groups?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement as you read this list, you would probably benefit from a boost in self-confidence. 

When we experience ourselves as lovable, valuable, and capable, our sense of self changes. I am a self-esteem counsellor in Ottawa who can help you recognize your personal traits, skills, and accomplishments.

In building positive self-regard it is very important to learn about how to be good to yourself. After you start being kind to yourself, you can work to retain that new sense of self. To do this, you need to be prepared to recognize and not give too much credence to the negative, fearful thoughts that can set you back and, at the same time, you need to keep supportive thoughts at the forefront of your mind. I can help you develop ways to address these factors and maintain your self-esteem.

Through self-esteem counselling, over time you can:

  • elevate your self-esteem
  • develop a consistent, more loving relationship with yourself
  • demonstrate improved self-regard through more pride in appearance, more assertiveness, and identification of your positive traits
  • establish an inward sense of self-worth, confidence, and competence

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