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ANXIETY Many of our fears grow in their intensity without us ever stopping to analyze their exact nature, causes, probabilities of occurrence, the amount of control we might have... READ MORE

DEPRESSION People who are depressed often withdraw from participation in activities that they once found satisfying, rewarding, pleasurable, or just plain fun... READ MORE

RELATIONSHIPS A successful and healthy intimate relationship requires that each partner invest some of their time and energy into satisfying the... READ MORE

SEX & SEXUALITY Sex psychotherapy can help when healing from sexual health conditions or dysfunction, dealing with sexual addiction, recovering after sexual assault, or suffering from difficulties becoming intimate... READ MORE

RACE, CLASS, AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION CONCERNS Race, class, and sexual orientation/identity issues can cause confusion, guilt, and anxiety. Everyone deserves to feel accepted and loved for who we really are... READ MORE

RECOVERING FROM TRAUMA & PTSD It takes time and safety to recover from some of the awful things that happen in our lives. Having a place to work through memories of difficult experiences with patience, sensitivity, understanding, and respect is crucial… READ MORE

STRESS Stress comes in many forms. It can be good and beneficial or not so good and taxing to the body. In the form of pressure, stress has some usefulness: goals may be attained through an improvement in motivation and mental focus… READ MORE

GRIEF & LOSS To begin to balance the pain of your loss with pleasurable memories, I can help you work through the stages of grief and start uncovering and remembering the warm and special things… READ MORE

SELF-CONFIDENCE In building positive self-regard it is very important to learn about how to be good to yourself. After you start being kind to yourself, you can work to retain that new sense of self… READ MORE

SOCIAL ISOLATION & LONELINESS Sometimes when something difficult has occurred in our lives we find ourselves avoiding activities, people, or places for fear of triggering unexpected, sudden, debilitating symptoms… READ MORE

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION & CREATIVITY COACHING Marlise provides feedback, guidance, and encouragement through the creative process. She's trained in expressive arts therapies, possesses a fine arts degree… READ MORE

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